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  1. Are vitamin C supplements bad for your teeth?

    30 mai 2017 par maty185

  2. ARPANSA document – Neurological Effects of RFR in Humans doc. Case Reports : Neurological Effects of RFR in Humans

    23 mai 2017 par maty185  ——> click here: Trijeminal Nerve Study Arpansa Category: Cranial nerves

  3. The effect of light on critical illness

    23 mai 2017 par maty185

    The research of this decade has yielded substantial improvements in the delivery of and technology with which to provide care …
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  4. Shedding Light on Photophobia

    23 mai 2017 par maty185

    Photophobia is a common yet debilitating symptom seen in many ophthalmic and neurologic disorders. Despite its prevalence, it is poorly …
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  5. Lighting the Brain

    23 mai 2017 par maty185

    Karl Deisseroth and the optogenetics breakthrough.

  6. Why Blue Light Triggers Migraines

    23 mai 2017 par maty185

    A recent study at Harvard Medical School on blind migraine sufferers found that those who still had melanopsin receptors experienced …
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  7. Treating Migraine with Antibodies: A Hopeful Path Forward

    22 mai 2017 par maty185

    As Russo explains, CGRP acts to modulate neurotransmission, fine-tuning the chemical communication that occurs in the nervous system. In general, …
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