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Inquiets concernant les voitures électriques?

Le groupe lui aussi et il a fait des mesures les voici:

Israël aussi voulait en savoir davantage:

Israel a supprimé une commande de 200 voitures hybrides destinées à la police à cause des effects électromagnétiques sur la santé – Juin 2014

Israel Preps World’s First Hybrid Car Radiation Scale

Autres conseils de Electricsense:

EMFs in Cars – The Dangers & How To Reduce Your Exposure

Posted by Kimberly Juchnowski on November 16, 2013

In this episode of the ElectricSense podcast, Lloyd and host Kimberly Henrie discuss something that concerns nearly everybody electromagnetic fields (EMFs) in cars and how to minimize your exposure. As Lloyd points out this is a universal issue because nearly everyone uses a car and those that don’t use similar forms of transportation, buses, coaches, trains etc.

A Growing Problem

emfs in cars

Tune in to hear Lloyd explain that due to the intrinsic nature of motorized transport EMFs have always been present in cars – principally in the form of magnetic fields. However in the 21st Century much of the technology which has improved our driving experience has also contributed to increasing our EMF exposures in cars. Apart from the more obvious culprits like WiFi and Bluetooth installations Lloyd also cites some less known sources of EMF pollution in cars including:

RF-ID tags on parts

Tire pressure monitors

Car alarms

Blindspot reversing radar

and much more

How To Reduce Your Exposure

If you already own a car with this kind of gadgetry installed, Lloyd explains the steps you can take to minimize your exposures. Lloyd also gives some tips what to look for if you’re wanting to change your vehicle. He explains how to take EMF protection in your car a step further by measuring with an EMF meter – a special EMF meter because cars work on a different electricity supply to our homes.

Lloyd and Kimberly cover an awful lot of information in this 15-minute free podcast. Tune in for some great EMF protection tips and learn how you can make traveling in your car a safer experience.

If you have more questions on this subject at the end of this episode, check out Lloyd’s website for more information or this page for details on how to get a copy of Lloyd’s book, “Long Term EMF Protection – Start Feeling Better Today”.

EMFs in Cars – The Dangers & How To Reduce Your Exposure

Mais tout est question de blindage et de distance par rapport aux CEM.  Le refus des compagnies de blinder et disposer les batteries et groupes électriques de façon à minimiser au maximum l’exposition aux CEM des passagers vient du fait que les normes de tous les pâys le permettent.



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