Progressive inflammatory neuropathy (PIN) – Neuropathie Inflammatoire Progressive

3 juillet 2016 par maty185


ALLERGIC TO YOUR OWN BRAIN?! Allergique à son propre cerveau?!

Les fines particules dans l’air auraient pénétrées le corps par les yeux ou le nez!!!

Progressive inflammatory neuropathy

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Progressive inflammatory neuropathy (PIN) is a disease that was identified in a report, released on January 31, 2008, by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.[1] The first known outbreak of this neuropathy occurred in southeastern Minnesota in the United States. The disease was reported among pig slaughterhouse workers who appeared at various care facilities in the area reporting similar neurological symptoms.[2][3] The disease was later identified at pork processing plants in Indiana and Nebraska as well.[4] The condition is characterized by acute paralysis, pain, fatigue, numbness, and weakness, especially in extremities.[5][6] It was initially believed that workers might have contracted the disease through inhaling aerosols from pig brains blown through a compressed-air hose and that this exposure to pig neural tissue induced an autoimmune response that might have produced their mysterious peripheral neuropathy.[1] These suspicions were confirmed in reports and investigations conducted at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.[6][7][8][9]

The Spam Factory’s Dirty Secret

First, Hormel gutted the union. Then it sped up the line. And when the pig-brain machine made workers sick, they got canned.


“Pig Brain Mist” Disease Mystery Concludes

More than a year after developing a mysterious neurological disorder eventually linked to their inhalation of aerosolized pig brains, 24 pork plant workers have regained their health.

Their recovery, described Tuesday in a presentation scheduled for the American Academy of Neurology’s annual conference, ends a story that began in November 2006, when three workers at a Quality Pork Processors plant in Austin, Minnesota reported strange and similar symptoms: fatigue, numb and tingling legs, pain, difficulty walking.

Doctors didn’t know what caused the problem, but tests found severe spinal cord inflammation, suggesting an autoimmune disorder: the patients’ immune systems no longer recognize their bodies’ nerves, and attacked them.

“Pig Brain Mist” Disease Mystery Concludes


A Medical Mystery Unfolds in Minnesota





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