Researchers advise pregnant women to limit exposure to receipts and plastic

28 avril 2016 par maty185

Receipts may contain bisphenol A and S, chemicals that a new study shows can alter brain development.

“What we show is that BPA affects the timing of when neurons are born, and that presumably alters circuitry in the brain, so you get this slightly different wiring,” Kurrasch said in an interview. She is a developmental neuroscientist who studies how changes in the brain in early life can impact later life.

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Joel Cano-Nicolau and colleagues from the Institut national de la santé et de la recherche médicale (Inserm) and the University of Rennes, France, showed that BPS, BPF, and bisphenol AF (BPAF, CAS 1478-61-1) are estrogenic and induce an upregulation of the enzyme aromatase in the brain of zebrafish embryos, which converts androgens (e.g. testosterone) to estrogens. This indicates that these BPA analogues can interfere with the development of sex differences in the brain. Another study by Wenhui Qiu and colleagues from Shanghai University and the University of California, Los Angeles , U.S., showed that BPS interferes with the embryonic development of zebrafish by affecting the embryos’ hatching time, the number of brain cells controlling puberty and fertility, and expression of reproduction-related genes (FPF reported).


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